Good therapy should feel safe and enable you to take risks with the issues you are prepared to work on.
— BACP Client information sheet


The first session provides you will have a chance to talk with me about your problem and decide whether working together is right for you. I will try to answer any questions or doubts you might have in your own time and at a pace that feels comfortable with you. We will discuss the reason you have come to therapy, practicalities (session times, etc.) and any concerns you may have about therapy. If I feel that someone else might be able to offer you more effective support given your particular issue or situation, I will let you know. The session will last sixty minutes.

If you are not sure there is no obligation on you to continue. If you decide to continue, I normally offer a mutually agreed number of sessions. This is to give us a fixed period of time to explore what you want to bring to therapy. The last of these session is a review session, where we look at the work we have done and whether it may be of benefit to have further sessions.


Our work together is confidential.

As with all professional psychotherapists, as part of the ethical framework I adhere to I am required to be in monthly supervision. Aspects of our work together may be discussed for the benefit of the client. Great care is taken to maintain client anonymity.


The fee is €60. Sessions last fifty to sixty minutes. Payment is normally at the end of each session.

Psychotherapy is an investment and a commitment of one's time and money, if you are interested but concerned about the cost please consider what you can afford and get in touch as I do offer lower cost therapy to people on low income when I can.


It is your decision when our work together comes to an end. Therapy comes to an close when you feel ready. When it is time to end, it can be beneficial to dedicate some time towards ending our work together. Depending on time in therapy, you may benefit from more than one session in order to complete our work together.